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May 27

Mind Resources Top Training Tip

Middle Management in Urgent Need of a Makeover

Less than 50% of Australian business leaders think that enough resources are being allocated to train middle and front-line management in the relevant areas – and the result is that middle managers lack the adequate skills required to effectively do their jobs.

This trend is especially prevalent in instances when middle management need to effectively communicate, especially to the employees they manage.

According to a report by Impact Employee Communications, there were some significant gaps in the frequency of communication and the ongoing role of an organisation’s leadership team throughout an employee’s length with organisation. The study also found that while most organisations recognise the importance of this type of communication, they often fall short as they are failing to put the right tools or resources in place.

Middle management is a skill in itself and businesses need to recognise this and ensure they have the correct training in place for their managers. Impact Employee Communications’ Managing Director said, “Given the vital role people managers play in retaining employees and improving their performance, the resistance from organisations to introduce communications skills for middle or front-line managers is an unnecessary and damaging compromise.”

Do you have the right training in place?

To ensure you have the correct training in place, browse our training films below or contact us to find out which solution is best suited for your organisation:

•    A Leader’s Guide to Delegating – the secret to success for every manager.
•    I Wish My Manager Would Just… – understanding different management styles will enhance your communication with those around you.
•    It’s Okay To Be the Boss – a step by step guide to being the right kind of boss to your peers and employees.
•    Managing Frontline Staff – the comprehensive guide to managing your frontline staff

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