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“From time to time most of us need a new stimulus, fresh ideas or a new perspective to spark creativity and innovation or to simply clear the mind to develop a new strategic vision. Mind Resources specialises in "brain food" - learning resources that provide a stimulus to creativity, innovation, skill enhancement and behavioural change.”

-Joe Screnci, Chairman

As a part of the JRS Global Group, Mind Resources has been providing leading-edge training and development solutions to over 50,000 organisations globally for nearly a decade.  The wide range of organisations, such as corporate, industrial, government, non-profit and educational, use our products to address the key pressures they face relating to changing workplace culture. Topics range from leadership management to incorporating effective communication in the workplace.

We are most famous for our involvement in spreading the FiSH! Philosophy throughout organisations, but we do so much more!

Our learning solutions and training resources are available in a number of different formats and provide you with:

•    Unique and tailored learning solutions to meet your objectives and increase your organisation’s productivity and profitability.
•    Consultants with relevant and extensive industry experience ready to meet your needs and build a long-term, learning partnership.
•    A comprehensive range of multimedia training resources at your fingertips.
•    A complete, recruitment solutions service as part of the JRS Global Group

Our resources include over 2500 training films, eLearning tools, custom training methodologies and assessment tools that are offered globally. With offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom, we are ready to meet your business needs.