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March 2011


Have you ever walked into a restaurant or café, sat down, twiddled your thumbs for a good 15 minutes, looked around, then noticed you were the only customer and not once had an employee come to check and see if you needed anything? Part of the reason for this increasing deficiency in customer service can be attributed to the lack of training being conducted in organisations. So if a company doesn’t adequately train its employees, perhaps the employees can take the initiative to train themselves. That is the core concept behind iLessons, a new product being launched to help with the skills-shortage.

A recent global survey  found that ‘134,000 people found that in Asia-Pacific alone, 75% of Gen X workers would be prepared to pay for training to upgrade their skills, compared to 71% of Gen Y, and 69% of Baby Boomers.’

February 2011

Mind Resources Announces New Partnership with Intégro Learning Company

Mind Resources, leading training provider across the Asia-Pacific region, is pleased to announce its new alliance with Intégro Learning Company, well-known in the training industry for their unique and comprehensive range of behavioural assessments. With this new alliance, Mind Resources are now providing the most valid, reliable DiSC® behavioural profiling tools to the general public.

"This partnership will certainly bring value to our clients,” says Brett Allen, CEO of Mind Resources, “Being a training provider that focuses on improving soft-skills such as communication and teamwork for increased proficiency in the workplace, the addition of the DiSC behavioural tools to our range of training solutions will revolutionise the workplace for our clients.”

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