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MRILI, the Mind Resources Institute of Learning and Innovation, aims to foster the development of sharing new ideas and enhancing the learning and innovation of the training community.

MRILI releases a quarterly publication which discusses the most prevalent topics in the industry, providing readers with insight on what organisations are doing today and what they will be doing on the future in order to train their people and up-skill their human resource.

Through combined thought leadership, exchanging ideas and best practice globally, the institute provides one place for trainers to collaborate and join together to enhance training and learning solutions.

  • Vol 2, Iss 3
    Journal Vol2, Iss3
  • Vol 2, Iss 2
    Journal Vol2, Iss2
  • Vol 2, Iss 1
    Vol 2, Iss 1
  • Vol 1, Iss 3
    Vol 1, Iss 3
  • Vol 1, Iss 2
    Vol 1, Iss 2


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