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E-learning can help your business deliver training solutions flexibly - allowing you to reduce costs and maintain staff productivity.E-learns provide an interactive experience, and with the added component of multimedia training films, provide a unique and memorable learning experience for your employees. Mind Resources provide a number of different E-learns as online solutions for your organisation’s compliance training: including topics such as Workplace Safety, Discrimination, Workplace Bullying, Sexual Harrassment, Email Use & Abuse, Stress at Work and more.


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E-Learn - Managing Stress at Work

Stress is the most common health issue affecting men and women in business today. This E-Learn is designed to assist you in understanding the negative impacts that stress can have on our working and personal lives. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

E-Learn - Sexual Harassment

This E-Learn will assist you in identifying and addressing sexual harassment in the workplace. The program is an awareness tool designed to inform employers and employees of their anti-discrimination obligations. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

E-Learn - Safe Working Environment

This module provides a practical introduction to office ergonomics and manual handling, so that employees who complete the module will be able to find solutions to ergonomics and manual handling issues in the workplace. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

E-Learn - Email Use and Abuse

In this E-Learn, you will learn how email and the Internet can be misused, and how to establish policies and guidelines for the office to ensure privacy and security for all involved. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

E-Learn - Discrimination

This E-Learn will help you identify discrimination and harassment in the workplace, so that you can actively promote acceptance and diversity within your workplace. You will be provided strategies to prevent discrimination. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

E-Learn - Workplace Bullying (Part 1 & Part 2)

Various studies around the world have shown bullying to cost billions in lost income, reduced productivity and unnecessary expenses. Learn to identify and prevent bullying in your organisation through this E-Learn. 

AUD $322.20 ~ AUD $18 998.10

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