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Case Studies
The FiSH! Philosophy transforms General Hospital 3 years after the FiSH! implementation, the positive & engaged culture is still present.
DISC helps Australian Government Agency resolve team conflicts The DISC model is used to resolve tension from recent mergers and team conflicts.
Mister MINIT uses 50 Lessons to reduce turnover & increase productivity Today, their turnover is half of what it was and retention levels are best in class within their industry.
Optimism Profiling increases sales results for Metropolitan Life Consultants who scored in the top half for optimism tests, sold 37% more insurance than the others.

The DiSC profiling tool examines human behaviour. HOW do people communicate, behave and interact? Knowing this information assists in personality assessment and helps improve team communication. While measuring a person’s personality type can be helpful, you cannot ask them to change their personality, but you can ask them to adapt their behaviour to become more effective in the work environment. 75% of the Fortune 500 companies utilise DiSC in their businesses. Mind Resources sells DiSC profiling assessments, 2-day public DiSC Accreditation workshops, 1-Day 363 Leader’s Accreditation Workshops and 1-day customised DiSC Accreditation workshops. To find out more about the workplace application of DiSC, read this case study or download a course outline.

DISC Accreditation

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1/2-Day 363 for Leaders Accreditation

The DiSC 363 for Leaders Accreditation is a 1 day follow up to the DiSC Accreditation where you will learn to interpret the results of the DiSC-based leadership model and increase leadership effectiveness. Pre-requisite: 2-Day DiSC Accreditation 

AUD $650.00

2-Day Accreditation ONLY

This 2-day Accreditation workshop will help you become proficient in DiSC application, administration and reporting, as well as help you apply your own DiSC training plans for your organisation.Does not include Facilitation Kit 

AUD $1 750.00

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