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FiSH! Philosophy

FISH Short PreviewsWhat is the FiSH! Philosophy?

The FiSH! Philosophy is a set of simple, practical tools to help you create the work culture you’ve been looking for. It’s a way to build stronger relationships that equip you to face your challenges more effectively. The FiSH! Philosophy fulfills the most basic needs of human beings who, in turn, fulfill the needs of the organisation—more connected teams, better communication, extraordinary service and higher retention.

What are the 4 FiSH! Philosophy principles?

1. Be There is being emotionally present for people. It’s a powerful message of respect that improves communication and strengthens relationships.

2. Play taps into your natural way of being creative, enthusiastic and having fun. Play is the spirit that drives the curious mind, as in “Let’s play with that idea!” It’s a mindset you can bring to everything you do.

3. Make Their Day is finding simple ways to serve or delight people in a meaningful, memorable way. It’s about contributing to someone else’s life, not because you want something out of it, but because that’s the person you want to be.

4. Choose Your Attitude means taking responsibility for how you respond to what life throws at you. Once you are aware that your choice impacts everyone around you, you can ask yourself, “Is my attitude helping my team or my customers? Is it helping me to be the person I want to be?”

The FiSH! Philosophy Portal

Exclusive to Mind Resources clients

Mind Resources is the master licensee of the FiSH! Philosophy in the APAC region. The best way to get FiSH! into your organisation is through the FiSH! Philosophy Portal.

We offer a range of products, including the classic FiSH! Philosophy film, FiSH! For Leaders film and FiSH! Sticks film, as well as a range of FiSH! texts, support materials and accessories. Browse our FiSH! Philosophy Portal to learn more about how you can get FiSH! into your organisation.

Mind Resources FiSH Portal

Plus, we have customised and public FiSH! training workshops to ensure you effectively roll out FiSH! in your organisation.

We also help schools blend the FiSH! Philosophy into their education to build a more positive, enthusiastic and focused school culture. To learn more about FiSH! For Schools, click here.

Call your Mind Resources consultant today to find out how FiSH! can help your organisation.