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Smile “I looked long and hard for a program to use for the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) here in Nashville. There are hundreds of customer service training tapes out there and none of them seemed appropriate. As soon as I saw 'SMILE!' I knew I had found my program. And when the folks at the MTA saw it - it sealed the deal. SMILE! is now a part of the new employee training as well as the customer service training for all existing MTA employees.”
- David L. Preston, Hospitality Industry Training Director, Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau
The New Business of Paradigms "I have been using Joel Barker's material for over fifteen years in training and OD interventions regarding leadership, change and innovation. I was very happy to see that the original Business of Paradigms had been updated. There are some things I miss from the earlier version but I'm very happy to see the current examples in the New Business of Paradigms. All in all, it met my expectations and accomplishes the learning points I want to make." -AVP, Associate Training -a Financial Services Company
What to do When Conflict Happens "Using the C.A.L.M. Model, the 100 plus companies of CPrint(r), Certified Printers International, now have a much better understanding of what conflict is and how to deal with it in the work place. The program held everyone's attention and gave us an easy way to understand and remember the strategies and techniques needed to handle workplace problems in effective and timely ways." -Thomas P. Crouser, Consultant, Crouser &Associates Inc
OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts: "Finally, a video that shows the viewer exactly how to respond in moments of diversity-related tension! No blame, no guilt, no conflict – just practical, specific skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. OUCH! is a must-have and a must-see for anyone seeking to create and sustain a respectful workplace." -Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., Author, Making Diversity Work: Seven Steps for Defeating Bias in the Workplace
The Clarity Imperative "John single-handedly transformed the way we think about branding our organisation and ourselves as professionals. He clearly hit home in helping us to better present ourselves. John's presentation style is engaging, powerful, memorable, and influential.” -Lander Medlin, Executive Vice President, APPA - Leadership in Educational Facilities
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The Values Indicator


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For the purposes of this instrument, a value is considered to be a belief or choice that individuals make (consciously or unconsciously), about what is good or bad, worthy or not worthy, important or unimportant.

Our values shape our behavior and ultimately all of the actions we choose to take. Values also reveal our core needs and drives. In this sense they are the critical link between what is revealed to others (our actions and behaviour) and what is hidden from most people - our basic personality style or type.

The Values Indicator helps identify the way that individuals make judgements about the world around them and use their value systems by themselves and when part of a group.

This tool assesses the following value clusters, each of which represents a specific framework that helps individuals decide what future actions they will take, both personally and in an organisational context:

• Harmony (benevolent, cooperative, open, idealistic and warm)
• Independence (conceptual, flexible, logical, adventurous and creative)
• Tradition (consistent, affiliative, protective, careful and responsible)
• Achievement (organised, dependable, determined, efficient and committed)
• Power (persistent, competitive, decisive, restless and driven)

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